Allowing your pets to be cared for at home helps reduce stress for both you and them. At Sit & Stay Tulsa, we do our best to keep them on their normal routines, and include time to exercise, play, and snuggle. We give daily updates, along with pictures, via text to let you know how your pets are doing, and if at any time you would like to check in on them, just give us a call or text. Pets are not just our companions but family, and we want to provide a loving, safe, comfortable environment for them while you are away.



•    30 Minutes, 1–4 times per day
•    Your buddy is fed according to your instructions
•    Water changed
•    Dogs get plenty of outside time
•    Litter box cleaned
•    Medications given
•    Daily text updates with photos
•    Special Buddy Time:
-    Play time
-    Petting time
-    Go for a walk at no extra charge
•    Bring in the mail & newspaper
•    Rotate lights or turn music on & off
•    Water plants*

Buddy Sit Prices

1 visit/day       $25

2 visits/day      $35

3 visits/day      $50

4 visits/day      $60



•    Approximately 20 minutes
•    Walk, potty break, or just play time
•    Water checked
•    Perfect for working owners
•    Text update with photos
•    Money-saving packages available
      1 Break/Walk-  $20
      5 Breaks/Walks-  $85
      15 Breaks/Walks-  $240
      25 Breaks/Walks-  $375